Some individuals might wonder why both Xbox 360 and PlayStation use AMD chips over other chips such as Intel. Especially Intel, since Intel is arguably one of the best chip manufacturers in the world. There are very many reasons why both these console makers settled on AMD for their gaming consoles, it however boils down to who owned the best technology at the best price.

First and foremost, the company that designed the graphics chip that was to go into the Xbox 360, ATI, had made a lot of headway in the graphics chip manufacturing market. It had some serious technologies under its belt and it was for this reason that it got to design the Xbox chip. Although the company did not design the graphics chip in the GameCube, it acquired the company that did so, there by giving it another plus in a market that had serious players such as nVidia. ATI would go on to develop graphics chips that would give nVidia a run for its money. The company even seemed to win in several instances. Given that AMD acquired ATI a few years ago means that AMD has all these technologies with it, giving them the ability and freedom to build very balanced CPU’s with access to great graphics technology.

Although Intel has several CPU’s which generally perform way better than the best of CPU’s from AMD in terms of general purpose processing performance, they still aren’t the best when it comes to graphical processing power. Gaming usually requires a lot of specialized graphical processing, something that AMD has managed to do so quite well. This makes AMD the best go-to technology when it comes to building a device that intends to make use of some heavy graphics. Intel is just more expensive without the ability to provide the same graphics processing output as an AMD CPU would. Intel however is still the best choice when it comes to building a system with discrete parts, and can afford their expensive chips to pair with an nVidia graphics card.

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