After five years of construction, Intel’s massive $6billion D1X research campus in Hillsboro is finally coming to a close. This has been the biggest capital project ever seen in Oregon although Intel has plans to build more facilities here. As the chip maker continues to equip the campus, an application to add more buildings in the property has been submitted. According to new public filings, Intel is planning to attach another huge building to the D1X research factory and build another standalone somewhere north of the property.

Intel seems intent to continue building more plants in Oregon despite the fact that it has more than enough capacity for research and chip making. Though they have an empty new fab in Arizona, it seems Oregon is where they want to settle. The filing suggests more expansion is coming up in preparation of new production technology. According to Hillsboro planner and city planning director, Intel has been talking about adding more buildings in Oregon but the decision has not been made. This is to line up with their mission to expand their product and research globally as their spokeswoman Chelsea Hossaini said.It would seem that there are a couple of reasons why Intel is expanding their Oregon campus.

Despite not being the headquarters, Oregon has the biggest number of employees compared to any other state Intel operates in. With more than 17500 employees, Oregon’s branch is where Intel’s most advanced research is conducted. It’s also where all generations of microprocessors are perfected before production begins in all their other fabs around the world. Most of Intel’s top executives also live in Hillsboro to oversee the key elements of research and development.Intel has spent more than $6billion to build the D1X research campus between 2010 and 2015.Most of this money has gone to paying thousands of the construction workers hired here. This has been a good economic boost in Hillsboro during a great recession and has also brought a lot of traffic around the campus. The Ronler’s map shows a few more buildings being added near the D1X and one humongous stand-alone that is bigger than the one in Arizona. This is good news for the people of Oregon and the construction workers as it means more money will be spent in this project.

The D1X project was designed to launch two production technologies;Intel is launching larger, 450mm silicon wafers that can hold more microprocessors. The technology is good for the user and will also save Intel a third of the production cost hitherto suffered .

The second technology is extreme ultraviolent lithography to help chipmakers imprint smaller patterns on the silicon wafers.

The Intel map has been made public following undisclosed fluoride emissions from its Oregon plant. This led to regulators requiring full disclosure of past and future pollutions that could come from their facilities.


Intel continues to Expand Hillsboro Campus