About MGP

 The current video game market is massive and ever-expanding; it is an unstoppable force to reckon with. If you could cast your mind back some few years ago, game designing was the sole function of some gurus. Well, that is not the case today.

 Expansion and development in the digital world brings the function reserved for some programming instigators our way, making it very paramount to bring new unique ideas to the Table.

 We can’t continue to dwell in the antediluvian age in this contemporary world. And that is why we are here to form a synergy with you-an aspiring video game designer, providing you with first-hand information on cheats and how to avoid cheap hits with the combo formation of relatable and up-to-date ideas and guidance. We expose you to the Easter eggs and make you think in 3D.

 Micro Game Play (MGP) accepts and assists professionals and aspiring video game designers, developers, artists, voice artist and programmers to channel their passion to the right outlet.

 Video game design professionals and wannabes need to sync their minds into the current market, understand the basics of the market, tap into lucrative opportunities and know who is hiring and all requirements. With so much information available on the internet, a video game developer could become overwhelmed by the sheer opportunities and become confused.

 MGP share your passion about video games. We understand the struggles of a new developer. We are here to get you to your top performance and guide you through the secret level. 

 MGP doesn’t only hit developers with fresh, mind blowing ideas, we show you how to start off or continue your developing path. We wouldn’t want such enthusiasm to go down the drain of frustration. So we provide you with guidance on what you need to land jobs, join teams or craft your own path to video game success. 

 The game developing world offers several opportunities. You may decide to be a solo game developer, which is an effective way of creating games with unique concepts. We would also open your eyes to the opportunities you would enjoy when you join an Indie team. 

 We also can supply you with up-to-date information of how to get hired into the AAA game development industry which may not be easy as it may seem. Information along with the skill-enhancing methodologies to help establish you as a video game designer or a developer. 

 It is our pleasure to help video game designers, developers and people who are involved in video game creation get off their feet, create successful games, implement unique ideas, and bring the newest trends to the expanding world of video games into the world. Your passion is ours!